General rules of the casino game Roulette

We would like to give you a brief description of the general rules of the casino game Roulette and hope that they will help you. The rules of the game in roulette are very easy and otherwise you learn them while playing.

The online roulette game will show you on the PC / laptop with 36 numbers, which are alternating red and black. For additional bets, there are boxes on the sides. The additional bets are called chances. Now you can put so many chips that you want to put into the number fields. The turntable is set in motion by clicking on it.

Whether you have won, shows up when the ball has come to a standstill and in which field it has remained.

In roulette you have the opportunity to bet on multiple numbers.

And as mentioned above online casino roulette you learn the best and fastest in the game, you have the opportunity in some online casinos to test this with play money and try out.

We wish you a lot of pleasure.

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